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  1. Introducing New Evaluation System from the year 2020-2021 admitted batch as 60:40 (60 marks- Semester End , 40 marks- Internal).

Discussion:  Subject Expert Prof.D.Surya Chandra Rao said that it is better to follow new evaluation System as the college is not only autonomous and also NAAC ‘A’ graded. The other experts also supported the same.


            It is unanimously resolved to follow proposed New Evaluation System from the year  

2020-21 admitted batch as 60:40. The duration of the External Examination is 3 hours and duration for Internal Examination under direct assessment is 2 hours.


  1. Deviation of Syllabus from 20% to 40% under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

Discussion:  Subject Expert Dr.A.Venkata Ramana asked about the Choice Based Credit System and proposed to implement with deviation of Syllabus.


It is resolved to modify the Syllabus from 20% to 40% and offer the Choice Based Credit System for Specialization Papers from III Semester Onwards

  1. Development of e-content of Study Material and ICT Method of Teaching.

Discussion:  Director of the MBA Programme Prof.R.Sreenivasa Rao suggested that II year Students be encouraged to opt MOOCS Courses like SWAYAM , NPTEL etc. He opined that MOOCS Courses will enhance the student’s online education system in addition to the knowledge.


It is resolved to prepare e-content material for all the courses including multiple choice questions for the students benefit

  1. Hands on Training with Industry tie up/ Internships.

Discussion:  The Subject Expert Prof.D.Surya Chandra Rao suggested internship for II year students in January 2022 during Pongal Holidays. Secondary data only for Finance Specialization Marketing Management students and Human Resource Management Students need to focus on Local issues or Industries. There is no need to take certificates from Industries. The students have to submit their final reports by March 2022.


 It is resolved to arrange internships at the end of II Semester (January 2022) and preparation and submission of the projects as per the proposal.

  1. Introduction  of value added  and P.G Diploma courses

Discussion: Director of MBA  Programme proposed value added programmes such as MS Office, Tally, SPSS etc. He also proposed to introduce P.G.Diploma Courses.


      It is resolved to introduce PG Diploma courses and value added  programmes.

  1. Organizing National/state levels Seminars /Workshops etc.

Discussion: Subject expert Sri Ch.Srinivasa Rao opined that, all the students present a paper at least one topic with minimum 5 to 7 minutes duration in class room seminars.


It is resolved to organize National seminars or Webinars or workshops at least one for the Academic year 2021-22.

  1.  Preparation of Programme Outcomes (PO) and Course Outcomes COs).

Discussion: Prof. R.Sreenivasa Rao, Director  MBA Programme, mentioned that POs and COs are already prepared. POs for programme and COs for the each course has to be reviewed.


It is resolved to accept the already prepared POs for Programme and COs for the each course after minor modifications.

  1. Discussion: The Subject Expert Prof.D.Surya Chandra Rao and University nominee Dr.Sridhar suggested that two valuations are needed to external examinations for justification and right marks in their semester end examinations.

Resolution It is resolved to intimate the proposal to Control of the Examinations and ask them to take right decision.

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