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Programme Outcomes

PO1.                   Acquire the theoretical as well as practical knowledge about different aspects of the business management which  prepare  them to work in the public and private organisations at executive level posts.                                                   

PO2.                   Obtain the ability to identify, formulate and provide innovative solution framework to real world complex business and social problems.

PO3.                   Get the ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial skills for managing start-ups as well as professionalizing and growing business.


Programme Specific Outcomes for Management Studies

PSO1.               Acquire cognitive and behavioural skills

PSO2.               Develop planning and  decision-making  skills

PSO3.                Improve organising  and leading skills

PSO4.               Gain Managerial and Entrepreneurial aptitude and skills

PSO5.               Comprehend the national and global business environment

PSO6.               Develop a holistic view of the business, industry and economy.


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